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New artists on SuperRare

New artists on SuperRare

Your weekly introduction to new artists on SuperRare.
7 days ago

Hello!! I'm PUCK. I'm a freelance Cartoonist/Illustrator from Bangkok. My inspiration for his fun come from social problem, Sex , teenage , capitalism , urban society. Bangkok


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“Life Hurt Nature Heal” Take a break for everything I want you to come to the camp you are part of the world you are part of us “WE are WORLD BOY”

Kx is a traditional and digital sculptor that brings virtual reality to life by combining 3D scanning, clay and VR. The art of creating new entities


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Image of the Crimson Bay Siren The work created with different production methods digital sculpting, 3d scanning VR sculpting JUNE 29 | 2022 4000×4000 px

Illustrator/Pop Artist Wannabe

Lilibrium Vantage

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If freedom or infinity refers to perfection, does that mean true perfection will only stay close to zero?

William Lock Portrait Prize | Contemporary NFT artist | LA ART FAIR | Arcadia Gallery NYC | Bonnard Gallery Netherlands | Amsterdam Art Fair

Kupka´s Dog

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The William Lock Portrait Prize 2022 for the most timeless portrait with a real feeling for paint and its aesthetic potential (Royal Portrait Society, London UK) original oil painting on pressed wood panel 80 x 80 cm I reinterpreted Frantisek Kupka's self portrait which is painted with absolutely magical vibrant yellow tones. In my expressive style I use gradients, connections, voids, and tense colour fields. In this painted I also wanted to depict Kupka's love for Orphism (a branch of cubism which abstracts bright colours), the musicality of rhythms through the interpenetration of primary colours and the intersection of surfaces. That's why the yellow colour field vanishes into the man's garments, becoming part of his attitude. The dark fields of purple and black show the rhythm too. Although the portrait looks static, the rhythm of colours shows the storm of emotions inside the subject. I'm amazed by the visual similarities between humans and their pets. Pets become our alter egos and we have indescribable bonds. Many of my favourite artists convey these bonds in their artworks, such as Valentin Serov's 'Count Felix Sumarokov-Elston'. Or Lucian Freud and his great love of dogs, and Kupka often elevated animals to the dignity of a person. I make portraits in which there is always a reference to the other, because only in another's gaze can the subject be assembled into a coherent image. Otherwise, a portrait would be an empty shell. I try to capture moments in which a person in relation to another person or creature discovers again and again the possibility of becoming whole.

Bold lines, flat colors. Concept artist for games and movies for 5 years now. Clients: Massive Black/Nuare Studios/Karakter


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Grenzallee is a work of art that deals with the subject of mental health. A topic that has occupied me for years and is often a constant struggle for me. Dreams, goals, but also the constant everyday life are thoughts that routinely run their route like a train. But even these thoughts can derail despite all routine and fall into total chaos. This constant struggle can become unbalanced at certain stations in life, and when silence sets in during the night or even during the day, the fabric of control breaks down. A sense of falling and loss of conciousness sets in, and voices predicting failure echo through the mind like an announcement on a train track. Reality becomes distorted into the absurd, and the multitude of voices and thoughts sweeps control down the river of conciousness into the abyss. And as suddenly as this chaos has gained control, it disappears in utter exhaustion, finally giving way to sleep. Often this struggle reverberates for several more days, affecting daily behavior more than one would like. Like shadows on a sunny day, this chaos clings to every single step of yours. Who am I, what if I never achieve my goals, am I just a farce, what the heck is happening, is it even worth the struggle? These inner cries may fade away with time, but in dark corners they are just waiting to be released again and break through the silence like an avalanche. In all these negative feelings and pain, however, there is also the motivation not to give up. Success over one of these voices, if you manage to refute it, silences it forever and provides mental balance. At least for a while. Every milestone in life, no matter how small, is a building block of the mental foundation. “So I move on the border between silence and absolute chaos, hoping that one day I will be able to banish all voices.”

Artist, illustrator and animator creating colourful and chaotic scenes filled with fun.


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Ripe yellow scented flavour Dripping on your tongue Pink chewy rubber goodness That is Bananagum

Abstract Painter


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Infinity #01 - Inception A SuperRare collection inspired by my passion for abstract painting, merging analog with digital. Each piece has the infinity symbol ˆž reflecting unlimited possibilities of creativity.


When Man Turns Into God

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“When Man Turns Into God” by the Skye Brothers (2022)

A photographer, an explorer and a storyteller. Passionate about remote places on the planet with a focus on desert regions.


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Lost. Lost for three days wandering in the Aoukar; an infinite, almost impenetrable, expanse of high sand hills that stretch for hundreds of kilometres. Here, life ends. There is no trace of civilization, no wells to drink from, nothing but sand, dry brush and a few naked trees. While crossing the most risky and challenging parts of this desert region, I felt like nature had also given up and lost inspiration to create. We survived the adventure. From out of nowhere, we see appearing from behind the dunes, the fascinating ancient town of Tichit. Almost like a mirage, the distinct stone town rises on a small promontory, with a flourishing palm grove wrapped at its base. The city is surrounded by a long sandstone cliff formation to the north and large white dunes to the south. Here, with the help of man, nature had returned to shine. Not far from this enchanting place, a gap opened between the cliff formation, like a hole in a bucket. And the sand that was contained by the rock, made its way to the opening, and poured through, in the most peaceful way, like sand drops.


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