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Art Angels: the Digital and Physical Blur

Fall Set Blend” by Michael Callas, 2022. From “Textures of Us: A Metaphysical Experience” curated by Art Angels.

Art Angels: the Digital and Physical Blur

3 weeks ago

The physical space of Art Angels Gallery in LA.

Spaces are self-sustaining galleries on SuperRare that curate, promote, and sell artworks. Anyone can submit an application. The SuperRare Spaces are varied in sizes, philosophies, and levels of wits but all centered virtually the same mission: to push forward decentralized curation and promote crypto artists from all over the world.

Art Angels gallery is “determined to support a greater presence of sexuality artists and thought leaders into the NFT space.” During “Meta Spectrum”, an exhibition in collaboration with SuperRare, Art Angels bridged the gap between digital and physical art, and the gallery’s focus was, unchangingly has been, and continues to be, empowering strong artists who aren’t unchangingly in the spotlight. Now, it’s one of SuperRare’s newest Spaces. SuperRare curator Mika Bar On Nesher invites Connor Senay from Art Angels to talk well-nigh the gallery, its philosophy, and cryptoart.

Mika Bar On Nesher: What made you want to wield to wilt a SuperRare Space?

Connor Senay: As an innovative gallery intent on exploring all new frontiers of art, we quickly realized the value of stuff a positive freelancer and polity organizer in Web3. Acknowledging SuperRare as the premier marketplace for 1/1 art, most similar to our Los Angeles gallery, we wanted to wilt involved with the $RARE polity in a way that echoed our mission of versifier empowerment for as large of a polity as possible. After connecting with Paloma, a wonderful merchantry developer and curator for SuperRare, at her inaugural curation and collaboratively hosting a metaphysical exhibition in our gallery space, we knew this would be a fruitful partnership worth growing in every possible avenue.

Aesthetic kicks accompanied by a meaningful narrative is our mantra, and we wanted to bring that from 3D to Web3.

MBON: How do you see the underpass between physical and digital galleries evolving in the coming months?

CS: Since the influx of NFT frames, we’ve seen the capabilities of physical galleries to partner with digitally native ones and walkout works on a variety of immersive displays. Our metaphysical exhibitions, “Meta Spectrum” and “Textures of Us,” are exemplary of the imminent fusion between these two worlds as we showcased a multitude of physical works that accompanied the NFTs on display. We have a 36 square-foot digital canvas installed in our exhibition space to bring a greater understanding to our collectors of how cryptoart is waffly how we wits art.

Vellum LA, a gallery on Melrose Ave which specializes in NFT showcases, is one of our favorite examples of cutting-edge, scenic technology brought to its regulars in an outgoing way.

Tribute to Kobe” by Ignacio Gana, 2022. From “Textures of Us: A Metaphysical Experience” curated by Art Angels.

MBON: What are some of the challenges of running a Space? What translating do you have for collectives or galleries that are thinking of applying in the next Space Race?

CS: Running a Space requires having a pulse on the movement of Web3 on a resulting understructure and stuff deliberate with your curations i.e. theme, artists chosen, etc. Make sure that every speciality of releasing a curation is washed-up with shielding intent. Marketing is moreover crucial on all possible fronts from all parties involved.

Engaging with colleagues or collectors in the space is highly valuable as well. This space moves incredibly quickly, and it can be difficult to find a perfect selection of artists, so it is useful to gauge what they’ve seen from your genre of nomination that excites them.

MBON: What are important pillars for you when selecting artists?

CS: When we select artists, we superintendency tightly well-nigh their intent to create and letting their work evolve with them. We are genuinely elated to receive new works and showcase them, and we seek artists who finger that same way well-nigh creating and sharing.

Artists with a story and sentiment overdue their work resonate most with us as we are keen on telling these stories to engage collectors and illustrate deeper meanings.

MBON: Do you think traditional collectors will start inward the scene? Do you find an interest from the traditional art world?

CS: Traditional collectors will enter the scene in two ways: by genuine, self-sustaining marvel and by education from galleries like us. It is imperative to educate people on the wonder and opportunity that lies within the cryptoart scene. Many art enthusiasts who enter our gallery to see physical works end up plane increasingly awe-struck by the Eleusis Digital Canvas gracing our exhibition space. It is an undeniable sit-in of the versatility of cryptoart, and as a gallery, we’ve found twin the physical artwork with a digital windfall for provenance purposes resonates most with traditional collectors who are in the process of learning well-nigh the schematics of Web3.

Pink Noise” byDavid Uessem, 2022. From “Textures of Us: A Metaphysical Experience” curated by Art Angels.

Running a Space requires having a pulse on the movement of Web3 on a resulting understructure and stuff deliberate with your curations i.e. theme, artists chosen, etc.

— Connor Senay

MBON: Who are some of your favorite artists in the space currently?

CS: We love our unshortened versifier roster currently featured in our Space for their love of creation, varied philosophy and rich stories overdue their works (Michael Callas, David Uessem, Flore, Ignacio Gana, Floyd Strickland, Abieyuwa, Jekein Lato-Unah, Blessing Atas, Yinkore).

Outside of who we’ve curated, our favorite artists in the space are Micah Johnson, Sinclair, Jesse Draxler, Amber Vittoria, Lethabo, Claire Salvo, Tjo, Mediolanum, nishant, Schauermann, Lindsey Price, Grant Yun, Rich Caldwell, Reuben Wu, Tishk Barzanji, mae, hemily, Bumpy, UntitledArmy, Killer Acid…the list could go on forever, but those are a selection of who we are unchangingly eager to see as they release new works. The eclecticism of that list is why we love this space.

MBON: Tell us a little well-nigh your mission as a SuperRare Space, what do you have to unzip in the far future?

CS: Our mission is to empower underappreciated artists, curate magnificently creative minds and build a polity virtually a love of art. A multitude of our physical artists have digital origins, so it has been a pleasure to onboard them into this Space to indulge their native creations to flourish in a new, unprecedented light.

We want to wilt a digital sanctuary that fosters meaningful arts & technology discussions, provides insight for what’s to come, and assists artists and collectors in understanding Web3 to the fullest. Immersion is the future, and we are willful on bringing the digital to life in unforeseen ways through this forward-thinking Space.

Heading Downtown” by Flore, 2022. From “Textures of Us: A Metaphysical Experience” curated by Art Angels.


Mika Bar On Nesher

Mika is a writer and filmmaker based in NYC. They are a Curator at SuperRare@superraremika



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