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Defi Coin Price Forecast: DEFC Makes a Sharp Rise as It Targets the $0.3000 High

Defi Forge Price Forecast: June 15

DEFC is in a downward correction as it targets the $0.3000 high. The cryptocurrency is likely to rise as it is whilom the moving averages. Besides, if the bulls alimony the price whilom level of $0, 3000, DEFC/USD will be out of a downward correction.

C Price Statistics Data :
DEFC price now – $0.1627
DEFC market cap – $1,899,714
DEFC circulating supply – 11,674,835.00 DEFC
DEFC total supply -$16,334,617
DEFC Coinmarketcap ranking – #5793

Key Levels:
Supply Zones: $0.3000, $0.4000, $0.5000
Demand Zones: $0.1000, $0.2000, $0.2500

DEFCUSD Long-Term Trend: Bullish (1-hour chart)

On June 10, the bears tapped unelevated the moving averages, resulting in a remoter downward movement of the coin. On June 14, the downtrend subsided as the Defi Forge rebounded whilom the level of $0.1474. On the upside, if the bullish momentum is sustained, the market will rise to a level of $0.3000. An upside momentum will uncork if price breaks whilom the resistance at $0.3000. That is, the Defi Forge will rise and revisit the previous upper of $0.3869.On the other hand, if the bulls goof to unravel whilom the $0.3000 resistance, the altcoin will fall and later be compelled to a range-bound move between $0.1400 and $0.3000 price levels. The Defi Forge is unelevated the 20% range of the daily stochastic. It implies that the forge is in the oversold region of the market. The oversold region will vamp buyers to push the cryptocurrency upward.

DEFCUSD Medium-Term Trend: Bullish (15-Minute Chart) – It Targets the $0.3000 Upper

The Defi Forge has rebounded as it targets the $0.3000 high. Unfortunately, the forge has risen to an overbought region of the market. Remoter upward movement of the forge is doubtful. However, in a strong trending market, the overbought condition may not hold.

Defi Forge Price Forecast: DEFC Makes a Sharp Rise as It Targets the $0.3000 Upper
DEFC/USD – 15 Min. Chart



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DeFi Forge DEFC
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DeFi Forge DEFC
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